Michael (mrburns) wrote,

why not

how is it life happens and you end up in the strangest places? i never thought i would be where i am right now. who woulda thunk it.
major points:
relationship that lasted exactly one year
still live together
got a ferret
had to put said ferret to sleep
got a wii (have not had to put wii to sleep)
doing well in school
great group of friends
work all the time

i don't even know where to go from here. life is sort of stagnant, but at the same time its something entirely different. i have a routine, but every day is dynamic. i'd like to take some mma classes. i went paintballing. i got a sweet bike. i am going to a shooting range. i want to jump out of an airplane. i want to do crazy drugs and lose my mind (lsd is very hard to find). i have a sword. i drink steel reserve 40s. going to philly. have a bunch of money. want a new tattoo. deutsch ist super!

uh. i dunno. i don't much talk to a lot of people from nh anymore. my fault. reading through old entries is cringeworthy. i was such a little shitstain. hah.

i can't believe i'm 20. i look and feel 30. fuck it. livejournal is dead, long live the livejournal.

where will this take me? i don't want to do anything anyway.
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